Monday, April 09, 2007

Meet The Robinsons.

Lewis is a brilliant inventor with a surprising number of clever inventions to his credit. His latest and most ambitious project is the Memory Scanner, a machine that will help him find his birth mother so they can become a family. But before he can find her, his invention is stolen by the dastardly Bowler Hat Guy and his diabolical hat and constant companion, Doris.

Lewis has all but given up hope when a mysterious stranger named Wilbur Robinson whisks our bewildered hero away in a time machine and together they team up to track down Bowler Hat Guy in a showdown that ends with an unexpected and unbelievable twist of fate

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Movie Title: Meet the Robinsons.
Starring: Angela Bassett, Jordan Fry, Tom Kenny, Harland Williams, Adam West.
Director: Stephen J. Anderson.
Writers: Jon Bernstein, Michelle Bochner Spitz, Don Hall (II), Nathan Greno, Aurian Redson, Joseph Mateo, Stephen J. Anderson.
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Fantasy and Comedy.
Release Date: March 30th, 2007.

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