Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happily N'Ever After.

Once upon a time in Fairy Tale Land, all is well: Cinderella's at the ball, Rapunzel's letting her hair down, and Sleeping Beauty's about to get a big smooch. But just as it's all headed for Happily Ever After, there's a slight hitch - the wise Wizard who keeps the scales of Good and Evil in balance goes on holiday, and his two assistants, Munk and Mambo, slip up and let Cinderella's Wicked Stepmother, Frieda, get hold of his magic staff. Her goal: nothing less than to take over Fairy Tale Land, let the Bad Guys win, and turn the ending of all the stories to "Happily N'Ever After".

Now Cinderella (Ella, to her friends) is playing in a whole new ball game. Instead of waiting for her handsome Prince to find her, she's got to wake up from her romantic dream, find a way to stop Frieda, and restore the balance of Good and Evil. With her best friend, Rick, at her side, and an unlikely army of Dwarves, Fairies, Munk and Mambo to back her up, Ella leaps into action.
Can she save the day, and find true love where she least expects it?
The future looks Grimm

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Movie Details
Movie Title: Happily N'Ever After.
Starring (voices): Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr., Andy Dick, Patrick Warburton, Sigourney Weaver.
Director: Paul Bolger, Yvette Kaplan.
Writers: Douglas Langdale, Robert Moreland.
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family.
Country: USA, Germany.
Release Date: January 5th, 2007.

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