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Aliens vs Predator - Requiem.

In «Aliens vs. Predator 2», the iconic creatures from two of the scariest film franchises in movie history wage their most brutal battle ever - in our own backyard.

The science fiction-action-thriller captures the magic of the "Aliens vs. Predator" comics, novels and videogames that established the AVP brand – while paying homage to the hallmarks of the film series that preceded it: Ridley Scott’s seminal work of science fiction and horror, “Alien”; James Cameron’s masterpiece of intense action, “Aliens”; and John McTiernan’s thriller about an extra-terrestrial warrior wreaking havoc in the jungle, “Predator.”

At the same time AVP-R, introduces an intriguing element new to the franchise, by having the Aliens and Predator wage war in a small American town.

“AvP2” exists in a familiar landscape – a town’s dark sewers, its rain-soaked streets, the concrete jungle of its electrical plant, and a hospital maternity ward – that become battlefields beyond the townspeople’s worst nightmares

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Movie Details
Movie Title: Aliens vs Predator - Requiem.
Other Titles: AvPR (International), Aliens vs. Predador 2 (Brazil), AvP2 (USA), Aliens vs. Depredador 2 (Spain), Aliens vs. Predator 2 (Germany / Italy).

Starring: Steven Pasquale, Reiko Aylesworth, John Ortiz, Johnny Lewis, Ariel Gade, Kristen Hager, Sam Trammell, Robert Joy, Tom Woodruff Jr., Ian Whyte.
Director: Greg Strause, Colin Strause.
Writers: Shane Salerno.
Genre: Action, Horror, Science Fiction.
Country: USA.
Release Date: December 25th, 2007.

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